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Workout of the Day

Saturday Going Away Cookout


1000m Row

50 Lateral Box Step Overs

50 Box Jumps

50 Ring Rows

50 Punching Situps

SATURDAY COOKOUT: We are losing some family members due to military station changes and I know that it is a part of the deal but we are still going to miss them. Justin and Tammy, Seth and Kate, and Sandra are all moving at the end of the month and so we want to have a little send off for them. This Saturday night we are going to have kind of an open house / cookout at 7:00. If you just want to swing by and say hey you can or you can stay and eat. These families are busy getting ready to move so if you want to catch them try to come by between 7-8 so they can get home if need be.

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Deck of Cards!!

Just do what I tell you:


KB Snatches


100m Sprints

Halfway through the week aleady! If you didn't make it yesterday, you missed out on a fun one. Those of us that did do it probably have scabs on our necks from lowering the bar for back squats. Still getting hotter so we are going to stick with shorter runs today.

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A) "Fitness"-- EMOM for 15 min. of:

3 x Bear Complex 95/65


B) "Strength"-- EMOM for 20 min. of:

1 x Bear Complex 155/115

Yesterday was a good body weight workout and now it is time for some gainz!

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Hot Week!!

10 Rounds for time of:

100m Run

5 Pullups

7 Box Jumps 24/20

9 Pushups

I hope that you guys got out and enjoyed the weekend because it was the first one with no rain in like 6 months! It looks like it is just going to get hotter and hotter this week so let's play outside early this week.

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Sorry for the late notice but we have a bunch of people out of town this weekend including trainers so there will be NO CLASS THIS MORNING. Get out and enjoy the weather on a hike or a trip down the river.

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The weekend is almost here!

For time:

800m Run

40 Wall Balls

20 Box Jumps

400m Run

30 Wall Balls

15 Box Jumps

200m Run

20 Wall Balls

10 Box Jumps

100m Run

10 Wall Balls

5 Box Jumps

It's Friday and I did warn you guys that we would be outside all week because it is so what have we not done yet?

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Have Fun Thursdays

Something to do:

4 Suicides

40 Strict Pullups

60 KB Snatches

80 Situps

150 DU's

So great to have Jamison with us at 5:30 yesterday!! Her first workout and she made those thrusters and hang cleans look awesome. Great job girl! Today is "Do what you want Thursday" so I will put up some work to do but if you missed a workout and want to make it is the day.

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Another Beautiful Day to be Alive

A) Front Squat 10-8-6-4-2

B) 21-15-9-6-3 of:

Thrusters 95/65

Hang Power Cleans 95/65

* Run 100m after each round

Hugemungous class at 4:30 yesterday!! All of you that participated worked together so well to make that happen! Props to you guys. The weather is amazing and I feel like we must take advantage of it, so do not be surprised if we are outside doing something every day this week.

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For time:

30 Pullups

30 Tire Flips

30 Body Levers

30 KB Swings 70/53

30 V-Ups

30 Deadlifts 185/135

Monday was a good tough workout to get started with, however there was one problem. I missed a birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!! (aka K.T.) I have known Kelly for many years and hope to know her for many more. It has been a pleasure to be part of your life Kelly and I hope that you had a wonderful, super fantastic birthday. Welcome to your 30's!!

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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend Mom’s!!!

5 Rounds for time of:

8 Clean and Jerks 115/75

12 Burpees

24 DU's

200m Run

I hope that all of you at least called your moms yesterday. I have to say that I have been super blessed to have an awesome mom and mother in law. My children however are truly the luckiest kids in the world, because Bethany is incredible at everything she puts her heart into. She sacrifices so much, works so hard, and loves our kids so well, even though I think we all know that kids can drive you to the edge. Mom's deserve to be honored everyday. I hope that all of you mom's had a well deserved day off this Mother's Day.

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