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Workout of the Day

Get Tested!!

10 Rounds for time of:

100m Run

10 Situps

20 DU's

On thursday the body fat testing truck will be here all afternoon and if you have never tested your body composition then I would encourage you too. We will also be starting our Nutrition challenge the following Monday and if you want to compete in that then you have to test. This is a perfect time of the year to get fired up about getting healthier and working towards your fitness goals. Friday night we will be having our Nutrition seminar so that you will have more tools you need to succeed.

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Honoring 1st Lt. Weston Lee

For Time:

800m Burden Carry

29 Burpee Pullups

4 Rope Climbs

29 Ring Dips

4 Rope Climbs

29 Burpee Box Jumps

800m Burden Carry

Today is the 2 year anniversary of 1st Lt. Weston Lee losing his life for our country and he was close to many from Dahlonega. He had the reputation of loving his country, loving others, and ultimately loving the ability to serve his country. Today we will show our gratitude for his sacrifice by doing a workout that was created to honor him. We pray for all of those that knew him and lost a dear friend on this day 2 years ago.

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Weekend WOD

Saturday morning fun time at 9:30!!! Also, Ranger camp open house this weekend, and Bear on the Square Festival.

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For time:

"Randy"-- 75 Power Snatches 75/55 OR

"Isabel"-- 30 Snatches 135/95 OR


Went and saw the Avengers last night!! I love the part when The Dark Knight showed up!! EPIC!! We have had several longer workouts this week so we are going to end with some shorter and sweeter work.

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“Do what you want Thursday”

Just do it:

Front Squat 10-8-6-4-2

20 Turkish Getups

40 HSPU / Press

60 KB Swings

80 Russian Twists

It is Thursday and you know what that means. "Do want you want Thursday"!!!! More updates for next week. : Thursday- Dunk Tank Day, Friday-- Nutrition Seminar, and Saturday morning we are going to go to the farm where we get our grass fed beef from. Eating better will be on everyone's mind and I think it would be cool to see how your food lives. Kids are welcome.

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Ya’ll are awesome!!

For time:

40 Pullups

400m Run

40 Tire Flips

400m Run

40 Lunges

400m Run

40 Power Cleans 115/75

This is kind of random but for whatever reason I feel very thankful for all of you tonight. We have had a couple of big days and I just feel so very privileged to be in your lives. You guys make my days at "work" so awesome and I do consider you my friends even if you may not consider me yours on certain days. (when I try to kill you) A little sappy but you guys know that I am a very emotional guy--wink, wink.

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Let’s get excited about Nutrition!!


B) AMRAP in 16 min. of:

10 Pushups

10 V-Ups

20 DU's

Next Thursday we have the dunk truck coming and I would encourage you guys to get tested to see where you are with your body comp. You do not have to like it but it is a useful tool to track your progress. We will be having our nutrition seminar the following night and kick off a Challenge the next Monday. I will be talking about it at the gym.

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Resurrection Sunday!!

5 Rounds for time of:

5 Dealifts 225/155

10 Burpees

15 Wall Balls

200m Run

I do not know what everyone did yesterday but I hope that some part of your day was spent thinking about what Resurrection Sunday is all about. Knowing that the thing that sets christianity apart is that Jesus rose from the grave and that is why we have hope in our lives. Reflecting on that yesterday and the awesome honor it is to be a child of God just makes me wonder why I am not always telling everyone I come in contact with about my forgiving, loving God that gives me comfort, direction, wisdom, hope, and purpose. If any of you are wandering, lonely, lost, or feeling hopeless, please allow me to tell you about my Father and how much He loves you. Praise God He arose and is preparing a place for me!! I hope that you know that I also genuinely love you all and know that God has brought you here for a reason. We are here if you ever need anything.

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Max Day!!

A) Front Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1

B) AMRAP in 14 min. of:

2 Clean and Jerks 115/75

2 Burpees

4 C&J

4 Burpees

6 C&J

6 Burpees


Friday is already here and it seems like we just ran the race. I am not complaining that the weekend is here again. We are going to be starting a front squat strength cycle so today we max!!

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